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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Review: Isaac Asimov Presents The Greatest SF Stories Volume 2 -1940

Since childhood I've believed I was born too late. I missed out on all the major innovations like the invention of radio, first flight, the digital computer, the Golden Age of Science Fiction. This little book is a prime example of the latter. To have been present during the formative years of SF, to have known young Asimov, Fritz Lieber, Lester del Ray, etc., would have been incredible to say the least. I found this little book only a few days ago at my favorite used book store and inhaled it with great relish. I searched out and have ordered two more in the series - 1939 and 1941. I will continue searching until I complete the collection. Highly recommended for lovers of vintage SF, for the stories themselves as well as Asimovs' commentary on each.

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